Blood Witch - a paranormal reverse harem academy by Rae Hendricks

Blood Witch - a paranormal reverse harem academy book promotion by Rae Hendricks

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I am an abomination, and I could be killed for it...

I should have listened to my uncle when he told me not to go to that party, but it was the party of the century. And I didn't take the risks seriously.

Not all paranormals are good, and I manage to attract the worst, though I can't stay away from his mysterious looks and husky voice. But his perfection hides a sinister plot.

He has made me an illegal Blood Witch who is too dangerous to live. All I can hope is that the fact that my father died in the service of the very people that hold my fate in their hands now still means something to them. And they will show me mercy.

Though, going to their academy to be trained to die just the same as he did is a rough definition of mercy.

But I find something to live for - three incredibly different, snarky, sexy guys I can't seem to choose between. But the pain of the secret they keep from me may be worse than the death I have already escaped from.