Tidings of Hardship - an alternate reality contemporary fantasy by Rob Snyder

Tidings of Hardship - an alternate reality contemporary fantasy book promotion by Rob Snyder

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Alex has spent his life being ignored at school and trying to survive an abusive home life. During a tense family dinner one night, he glimpses a gremlin in his parents’ dining room. A moment later it vanishes. He tries to dismiss it, but over the next several days more gremlins show up: at home, at school, at the park. No one else can see them, and no one else seems to care, except for Cynthia, a compassionate classmate who unexpectedly intercedes in a school fight on his behalf one day.

While Alex and Cynthia are testing the waters of their new-found friendship, a trio of long-dead heroes is looking to train a new warrior, as demons feed off humanity’s vices and a maniacal figure of legend schemes to assassinate Mother Nature herself. The two teenagers may soon find themselves called upon to rescue both the Natural World and the man-made one.

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