Camille - a tale of witches by Matt Ingwalson

Camille - a tale of witches by Matt Ingwalson

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In 1995, four serial killers descended on one small college town. No one knew why. And no one could make the killing stop. In the middle of all this insanity sit three teenage witches, who are just learning the full extent of their powers. The mysterious Rapathia and her friends Josephine and Camille.

Camille tells this story from her point of view. But is she being honest? Does she know more about the murders than she lets on? May she even be responsible for them.

This is a pitch dark coming-of-age novella about spells and covens and feral cats and girls and boys. It is a tale of casual evil, the sort that is not discovered but rather simply exists inside the heart of one very dangerous young woman.

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