Frostwing: Dragonbond by Morgan Lee Clasper

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Taming dragons is a death wish. But that won't stop her.

Ava Frostborn is the daughter of a wealthy coal-family, tasked with running the fires which keep their isolated cities alive. She knows she’ll soon follow in her family’s footsteps – even though she hates the way her father exploits the slums.

But when a trip to a neighbouring city goes horribly wrong, Ava finds herself lost and alone in an inhospitable frozen wilderness. She falls in with a grizzled wanderer, who promises to teach her the ways of the wild – and she soon discovers there are far bigger threats out there than bandits and storms.

The old tales of dragons are real.

Enthralled by the mighty beasts, Ava becomes determined to bond with one. But dragons view wanderers as their prey. Only those with strong enough magic can hope to tame one – the rest are killed. And Ava’s magic is weak.

If she wishes to form a Dragonbond, she must first master the wild. But with the world’s bandits mysteriously gathering, her city – and her life – are in more danger than she could have ever imagined…