The Highlander's Claim - historical romance by Jessica Knight

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She’s the daughter of the sworn enemy of my clan.
I disappeared from her life 10 years ago. Now I’m back to take her. To take what has always been mine.

Our love was doomed from the start. But I wanted her from the moment I laid eyes on her.
Then a strange twist of fate left her wounded and in my care.
I took her. And she fell for me. She gave me her maidenhood, and I gave her my heart.
But for the good of my people and to save us all from this deadly war, I am forced to give her up. Again.
When I learn though that she is being used as a pawn in a murderous scheme and her uncle has declared the cause more worthy than her life, neither the English army nor God himself can keep me from fighting my way to her. From saving her.
It was a twist of fate that brought us together. But she is mine and I am not going to let her go. Ever.
I’d risk it all to save her. But will I be able to get to her in time?