REFLECTION - a light science fiction fantasy by Robert Gaspari

REFLECTION - a light science fiction fantasy by Robert Gaspari - book promotion services

A light romantic science fiction fantasy adventure right here on Earth.

A Reflection is an embedded agent who fits seamlessly into the indigenous population of the target planet. The subject is bred to accelerated maturity and enhanced with technological advantages for the mission. This agent went to Earth, assigned to find out why the other Earth reflections no longer reported to Mission Control.

What Mission Control planed with precision goes awry at the very onset and the Reflection must adapt, enlist allies and fight back to survive. The expected cloak and dagger coexistence with enemy agents on the planet turns into outright open hostilities as war breaks out in space, so as above, so below.

Actively hunted by the aggressive enemy, the Reflection is abandoned by Mission Control as resources get diverted to aid in the war effort. The life and death struggle is a cat and mouse hunter and hunted scenario. The sole remaining Reflection Agent on Earth along with her lover and black-ops government agents turn the tables and must take out the mounting threat before it takes them out first.