Dragon's Gap: Love's Catalyst - a fantasy dragon shifter romance by L.M. Lacee

Dragon's Gap: Love's Catalyst - a fantasy dragon shifter romance by L.M. Lacee

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This is a story about a young tiger Kammy, her mother Claire and how they meet Lars a dragon from the royal family house of Kingsley. Together they discover the importance of a father's love for a child. Even though this novella can be read as a stand alone it fits better between Dragon's Gap books 2 ( Sharm and Edith) and book 3 ( Storm and Charlie) of this epic fantasy romance series.

This novella, Love's Catalyst from the epic series Dragon's Gap, takes us on an amazing adventure by L.M. Lacee. It captures the reader's imagination with mythological animals and unique characters in a fantastic world full of real life feelings amidst the turmoil of evil influences.

The novella further introduces the reader to the immense world of Dragon's Gap with it's many characters brilliantly brought to life through the eyes of L.M. Lacee with the magical touches of her fingers on the keyboard.

While some may laugh their way through this epic saga others will just enjoy the humorous and interesting writing along with some great drama.

With such well defined characters and truly remarkable world building, readers become drawn-in easily as all the stories speak directly to the heart.

If you have read anything by this new author you already know what they say about Dragon's Gap. Here are a few comments: 

"If you like fantasy novels with intense feelings, do not miss this novel."

"Wonderful Stories! Worth reading more than once."

"Loved it!"

"Couldn't put it down! From the first story to the last, romance, action, dragons, shifters and witches."

"This writer is so talented, really. She is all that a story teller can and should be. I will keep reading her so long as she puts out stories that are so entertaining."