Enemy Immortal - A hard science fiction space opera by Jim Meeks-Johnson

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An alien colony vanishes without a trace.

Lt. Jade Mahelona is the redshirt sent to investigate. The only other human on her team is a pedantic professor of xenology with a mysterious past.  

Jade's team encounters an ambush on the way to the colony. Umlac, a sadistic ten-ton cyborg, wants to control the technology that eradicated the colony on Belle Verte, and he incites an interstellar war between two galactic empires to obscure his raid to the planet.  

Anomalies from ancient interstellar travelers riddle Belle Verte—phenomena which Jade and her alien teammates can't explain despite their advanced technology. They need new physics fast.

Jade struggles to survive until she can find a way to fight back. She senses electric fields directly—she can "see" and "hear" things that other people can't—but she will need more than a unique perspective to save Earth. She must take charge of the alien team to bring out the best of every member.

It might already be too late. A long-dormant intelligence with an agenda of its own has awakened.

If you love heart-pounding alien encounters, fantastic technology based on plausible science, and stepping into the unknown with danger lurking around every corner, you'll want to read this hard science fiction space opera adventure.