CDL Minded Entrepreneur - Start up Business and Non-Fiction by Joe Ryder

CDL Minded Entrepreneur - Start up Business and Non-Fiction book promotion by Joe Ryder

CDL Minded Entrepreneur is about developing the mindset of starting, owning and operating a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Business. This is to help and relieve the stress of most entrepreneurs that want to start their business but don't know how. This will also help beginner and current business operators overcome the challenges of starting their very own CDL Business in the CDL Industry (especially during these times).

If your vision for your company is to provide top-quality service, the way your company functions should prioritize giving customers this high-quality experience.

The GAME plan is an acronym that represents the key components of any good actionable plan for your company. It emphasizes setting specific goals rather than overly general ones that are easy to ignore, as well as making sure your goals are reasonable and measurable. It also encourages you to create a plan that makes you excited to get
started right away.

The GAME plan is a deceptively simple formula that produces shockingly powerful results. It is made up of four components. These are making your plan goal-centric, choosing actionable steps, picking goals that are measurable, and setting effective goals and steps toward those goals that you can execute right away.

Becoming an entrepreneur in the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and commercial trucking industry was my ticket out. When  I made the decision to become a CDL entrepreneur, so many things in my life changed. I set my own hours and had more time away from work so that I could spend time with my family more often.  As my business grew bigger and more successful, I had more money,  so I wasn’t always worrying about financial troubles.

Building your own business is never an easy process, and the CDL  industry is no exception. However, if you develop the right mindset  and become “CDL-Minded,” you can practically guarantee future  success. When you start thinking like an entrepreneur, it becomes  easy to expand your company into a profitable business.

With CDL Minded Entrepreneur, you will learn how to make smart and wise  business decisions in a lucrative marketplace. I will help you devise a  plan for establishing and developing your company. I will also walk  you through the process of developing the mindset you need in order  to make your CDL business a success so that you can enjoy personal  and financial freedom.