Holistic Approach for Restorative Sleep by Bikramjit Konwar

Holistic Approach for Restorative Sleep by Bikramjit Konwar health book promotion

In Holistic Approach to Restorative Sleep, author and healthy living expert Bikramjit Konwar draw on years of advanced study in weight management, healthy living and naturopathy to offer you proven and powerful methods for using sleep restoration to overcome a variety of common health problems, like insomnia, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and depression.

You will learn about the amazing health benefits of a deep sleep, taking charge of food habits, including muscle repair, memory consolidation, recycling your body, clearing brain toxins and metabolic waste, and the release of hormones that regulate your growth and appetite.  That’s right… consistent nights of good sleep can help you to lose weight, curb sugar cravings, and prevent diabetes!

In this valuable sleep improvement guide, you will learn:

How deprivation changes your food choices, eating amounts, and hormonal imbalance, which can lead to weight gain, hypertension, diabetes, and more

How to use your Circadian Rhythm to set your sleep-wake cycle, the best time to go to bed, and the direction of the body while sleeping.

Exercises that can help you to sleep better and balance hormones

Evening foods & beverages, nutrients that hurt sleep – Foods and drinks you should avoid at night that can cause insomnia

How to fall asleep quickly and calm your racing mind before bed, creating a better sleeping environment. 

How your bedroom environment can prevent deep sleep, bedroom environment creation

Emotional well-being, happiness, stress management, cognitive science, and goal setting-powerful methods 

Have you been struggling to get a good night’s sleep, with all the additional stress, due to the external environment, social unrest, and an uncertain future?  Then, learn how to fall asleep quickly every night with Holistic Approach to Restorative Sleep.