Unchained Affinity - An Uprooted Passion by Thomas M. Watson

She left home, escaping her abusive, drunken parents at the age of sixteen. Deanna quickly learned to survive on the streets of Detroit. Life was cruel.

Deanna was taught a unique manner to defend herself, by an old veteran of the streets. A  way of defense she carried the rest of her life. A few years passed, when she turned of legal age and escaped the big city. She left behind a trail to be followed...and a few bodies.

Bo Runyon, a victim of a 'swift justice' in the legal system, was convicted of murder. He was shackled inside an unmarked van, being transported to Federal a prison. His life was screwed.

But, he was unaware of a meticulously planned rescue. A chance for freedom. The freedom to run.

Now this unlikely couple was being pursued by the law. And, hunted by hit men, protecting a secret society who want them dead. They manage to keep a step ahead of their pursuers, as they develop heavy feelings for each other.

In spite of their major flaws, this is a love story.

To what extent does the loving couple go to disguise themselves? They change their identities, yet the hunters close in on their trail.

They're offered help at some point, but who can they trust?

Bo and Deanna's ultimate goal is to someday, settle down in peace. Will it ever happen?

And, what price will they have to pay?