In the Shadow of Lord Dragost - A sci-fi action adventure by B. S. Arnold

In the Shadow of Lord Dragost - A sci-fi action adventure book promotion by B. S. Arnold

Ages past, in a time only remembered in oral tales, there existed an empire the like that has not been seen since. It encompassed all realms and all those who dwelled within them, the ruler of that empire had a vision in the 23rd solar cycle of her rule.

She foreseen that her empire would fall, the realms that she ruled split apart some of them would be lost with no one remembering how to venture there. But the vision held more than despair it held hope for her empire, and her people. She had seen two beings sitting upon a pair of thrones, she had never seen their ilk before. Both beings had dark red skin, hair whiter than freshly fallen snow and both bore markings on their faces in pure silver. Although both beings had gold eyes, the males eyes were amber in color while the females was closer to pure molten gold.

To her eyes it seemed that the pair were siblings as their features were very similar, the two thrones that they sat upon were in the shape of a Dragost with one wing folded and the other curved protectively around a smaller throne. She was unable to see the pair upon the smaller thrones clearly as they were both reclined into shadows, one was clearly with child as she could see the curve of the abdomen that indicated it.

After her vision she began to construct the four thrones in the sacred tower that she had recognized in the vision, once the thrones were completed she sealed them away. Her final words were that the four thrones would remain abandoned until the ones meant for them unsealed the door.