Last Star Standing - gripping dystopian thriller by Spaulding Taylor

Last Star Standing - gripping dystopian thriller book promotion sites Spaulding Taylor
It's 2094 and Aiden, a temperamental Australian, is part of the underground resistance to the alien takeover that followed WWIII.  He gets him into hot water with his rebel leadership, and his ex being the alien ruler's heir complicates matter – plus, he's been captured by the regime and is awaiting execution. He escapes, releasing the Creature, only to be confronted with his girlfriend Petra's defection to his new leader. 

Aiden requests a mission. After choosing one companion (Bully, a fug) and stumbling upon another (Pavlina), he's almost killed by a turncoat rebel, barely escapes the mission's aftermath, and has to fight for his life when the stolen spacecraft is unexpectedly boarded. There is a crisis of identity, a rebel uprising and two unexpected plot twists, but by the end of the book Aiden discovers a new maturity and becomes the leader he was meant to be.