Triple Jeopardy - the gripping new thriller by Christopher Lowery

Triple Jeopardy - the gripping new thriller book promotion sites Christopher Lowery
' Lowery excels in combining page-turning excitement with rare intelligence and depth.' --James Silvester, author of Sealed With A Death

'Breathless, relentless and clever - absolutely everything you want in a thriller. Lowery writes with a passion that jumps off the page and straight into your brain. It's cerebral and glossy and oh so brilliant.' --Jonathan Whitelaw, author of Hellcorp

After lying undisturbed for almost a half century, a mysterious batch of diamonds reappears to be sold at public auctions in Switzerland.

But where do these priceless stones come from and who is behind their discovery and sale?

Jenny Bishop knows the gems are surrounded by a legacy of death and corruption and sets out to foil the conspiracy.

Deception, murder, and revenge abound in Lowery’s new, multi-stranded International thriller.

The perfect page-turning thriller read for fans of James Patterson, LJ Ross, and Gregg Dunnett.