How to talk to anyone - self help and communication skills by John Kemp

How to talk to anyone - Self help and communication skills book promotion sites John Kemp

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If you struggle with talking, making friends, building relationships and need help improving your love life, this book is for you. Most of the information in other books is outdated or too vague. To help improve and solve the readers problem the book makes sure it is relatable and up to date. Whether it is teaching the reader how to be better at having 1-on-1 conversations, group conversations or online/social media conversations, you the reader will benefit by being guided step by step. Guidance like what to say and what to not say or what to do and what to not do in order to help improve your communication skills and people skills are provided in the book. Also, included in the book is a list of online support group links recommended to help the readers who need that extra support and help.