Don’t Fence Me In: Russian infiltration of US thriller by Heath Daniels

Don’t Fence Me In: Russian infiltration of US thriller book promotion sites Heath Daniels

The year is 2018 and the United States is in the depths of civil unrest. Conflict rages across the land in innumerable forms. There are the frequent bombings of civil centers, lengthy and dangerous government shutdowns, and mass illegal immigrant abuse along the Mexican-American border.

Behind the cacophony of chaos, a sinister secret group orchestrates acts of terrorism in a concerted effort to collapse the United States from within.

At the epicenter of the conflict, where the Texas, New Mexico, and Mexican borders meet, key civil servants of the United States are called to maintain order and justice even as the system of checks and balances threatens to collapse around them.

A Muslim-American U.S. Deputy Attorney General by the name of Yusef Shaito is suddenly thrust into a position of leadership. Shaito’s job proves to be exceptionally challenging due to the intense scrutiny of the media and the general public, who are judging implications behind every prosecution and sentencing.

Issues of race, religion, sexual orientation, and citizenship are called into question and many of the protagonists must confront and carefully handle these aspects of their personal identity in the midst of the political turmoil that grips the country.

The United States judicial system, media, and general fabric of society are all closely examined throughout this melodrama that mixes fact and fiction in a fictional context.

Readers are treated to family dynamics, romance, civil brutality, and intricate details of the disturbing realities that exist in the modern political climate of the U.S. The story is written with such in-depth familiarity with the southwestern U.S. culture and landscape that readers may find it difficult to believe that this is, in fact, mostly a work of fiction.