Sinful Love - Finding Love in the Wrongest of Places by Richard Schreiber

Sinful Love - Finding Love in the Wrongest of Places book promotion sites Richard Schreiber

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It is 1980s New York City, just after the famed market crash. The city is gripped in high crime, rampant drugs, dark days in the Big Apple. Our story takes place in one of the most powerful drug criminal enterprises. Our heroes meet fall in love with bullets and violence all around them. He has sold his soul to his drug kingpin friend for the almighty dollar, she comes from a strict family where the Almighty rules. Can she turn him back to his decent, heart-centered core that he has parked for so long? Is he salvageable? Will he succumb to his heart and this shockingly beautiful desirable woman of color? He a German American, blue eyed alpha male. Their passion for each other is electric. But then they realize the only way to have the life they want together is to escape from this violence-ridden, drug infested world of Caligula. But nobody can escape from the crime family alive. How will they do it? Read on!