Dungeon Crafting Series Books 1-3 - LitRPG/Dungeon Core by Jonathan Brooks

Dungeon Crafting Series Books 1-3 - LitRPG/Dungeon Core book promotion sites Jonathan Brooks

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What happens when a knowledgeable crafter becomes a Dungeon Core?

Reborn as a tiny Dungeon Core, Sandra had to learn about the purpose behind dungeons and Cores from an assigned dungeon helper. Through some unique circumstances based on her previous life, she also discovered that she had much more freedom than most other Dungeon Cores throughout the world.

Despite these advantages, Sandra didn’t care about any of them; all she cared about was that she could finally do some crafting.

Contains the first three books in the Dungeon Crafting series!

The Crafter’s Dungeon

The Crafter’s Defense

The Crafter’s Dilemma

These Dungeon Core stories contain LitRPG/GameLit elements such as statistics, leveling, and a heavy crafting emphasis. No profanity and no harems.