No Decision – A Gut-gripping Political Thriller by Ridge King

No Decision – A Gut-gripping Political Thriller book promotion sites Ridge King

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A deadlocked election. A brutal fight for the Presidency. Will deadly intrigue and sexual manipulation control the deciding vote?

The pages turn themselves in this thrilling story of ruthless political blackmail and intimidation. 

After serving his country well, retired Navy SEAL Jack does his best to keep a low profile. But when an election standoff plunges the nation into turmoil, he leaves his Miami detective agency to help elect his ambitious father who is an underdog in a vicious campaign for President. While Jack steps into the dangerous fight, unscrupulous powermongers go beyond the law to sway the results at any cost. 

With the contents of a top-secret file threatening to implode multiple careers, Jack flies into action to prevent international chaos. But when the critical votes come down to a handful of key, vulnerable people, Jack may be the only person who can save his country from anarchy, even as he is sucked into a vortex of romance and intrigue. 

Can he make a difference -- before it's too late? 

And will the problems with his hot-headed but sexy Cuban girlfriend Babylon Fuentes, create more problems than they solve? 

As the foundation of democracy is threatened, can Jack stymie traitors or does he join them to ensure his father claims the cherished prize of the Presidency?

The St. Clair Thriller Series is a rollercoaster shock ride involving intrigue, romance and action that shuttles between Miami and Washington. If you like compelling characters, government intrigue, and a race against time, then you’ll love Ridge King’s gripping adventure.