The Wizard's Diary - a magical adventure by Robert J. Bradshaw

The Wizard's Diary - a magical adventure book promotion sites Robert J. Bradshaw

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 4/21/2021 - 4/28/2021!

Dear Diary, Anyone who’s anyone knows there is only One True Spell. And, to be honest, I wish there were more…a lot more.

And so begins The Wizard’s Diary, a story about a wizard who discovers magic–real magic–in the most unlikely place.

Aarghathlain the Wizard is caught between two worlds: the life of a working wizard, catering to the city’s most influential and wealthy inhabitants; and a down-to-earth love of the people (and the food!) of Gemini City. Unlike most wizards, Aarghathlain doesn’t spend all of his time cloistered away in the Spire. He keeps an apartment downtown where he can easily take walks on the docks along the river or sample the treats sold up and down Middling Street. Although Aargh is entirely unaware, deep down, he is desperately searching for something more.

What begins as an average day, walking to his next job, ends with a desperate escape from danger closing in from all sides. With his world turned upside down, Aargh is forced to question everything he “knew” about his life and confront the uncertainty of the path before him. Through adventure, loss, and discovery, Aargh will transform into the great wizard he always was but hadn’t realized yet.

Come, discover magic with Aarghathlain and his companions. If you enjoy a grand adventure, rich world and character-building, and love a tale with high stakes (and even higher epic fantasy danger and intrigue), escape to the world of Gemini City with The Wizard’s Diary!

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