Legacy of Seconds - a sinister sci-fi by Edge O. Erin

Legacy of Seconds - a sinister sci-fi book promotion by Edge O. Erin

"There were a funeral and a resurrection, but no saviour, no grace, no light.

Witches and demons hovered, while angel wings were torn away. 

There were dreams inside of dreams inside overarching dreams that were, in fact, nightmares.

For every wall surmounted, door opened, window smashed, river swam, and cliff climbed, she was captured and returned to her cell inside a cell in an array of cells.

How could she ever escape?"

The answer, perhaps, is Claire, the woman's younger sister. Claire’s an elite reject, and a coral chipper with a bad attitude and a prosthesis. She's joined her husband, Cooper, in the Men's Equality Movement. The fact that Claire's sister Mariot is held in suspended animation in order to hatch clones to consolidate the rule of the Ghan matriarchal plutocracy is simply wicked. That rejected clones are abused by their keepers is despicable. That people from disparate walks of life rally to Claire and Cooper's cause is uplifting. But can the protagonists succeed against the awful Ghans, the brutal yet beautiful clone, Riot, and other lowlife scumbags, such as Jop and the Menhancers? Maybe. 

Jump forward thousands of years to just before a colonization mission to Prometer (from the soon-to-be-released Terraform Charlie) and find out how humanity has changed - but in many ways stayed the same - and see if Claire can spring her sister, Mariot.