White Smoke - a feminist human rights novel by Itamar S.N.

White Smoke - a feminist human rights novel book promotion by Itamar S.N.

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White Smoke is a love story between two men and between a man and his country, but above all it's a wakeup call for a profound self examination in the western society.

The story takes place in Israel, present time. Everything is the same as our reality, with just one fundamental difference. The state of Israel and the Palestinian authority unite and form a new country named Isratine.

Our protagonists are the son of the Prime Minister (Yonatan) and his husband, a shy tech industry entrepreneur (Meir). Amal, a young, Muslim girl, who was a victim of an acid attack, enters their lives. The unorthodox family grows alongside the new country. Over the years, the euphoria of peace is replaced with non-liberal forces that try to take over the country, and the Prime Minister must choose between his life’s vision and the future of the country as a liberal democracy.  Will the country survive? Will the family survive? At the end of the book we are left with nothing, but Hope.