Against All Odds - A Romance Novella by Sean Botha

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Against All Odds follows the journey of Leigh who struggles with finding an emotional balance in their life. Leigh hides from not only the world but from herself/himself and the interpretations of gender roles. Leigh's life is a representation of the uphill battles so many of us face from day to day. The character's stubbornness and will to succeed is unmistakable. Leigh's challenges is fraught with mismatching between the execution of language and intense emotion. There main character is ultimately driven by these emotions, living with an extraordinary mind and a deep love for truthfulness. The story shows the importance of love, compromise and communication with a transgender undertone. The story of the main character comes from personal experiences and struggles the author faced during his childhood, teenage years and young adulthood. Sean Botha brings the characters to life with the focus on integration of the transgender and LGBT community into society with great care and kindness.