Legally Ever After - Estate planning for parents by Pamela Maass Garrett

Legally Ever After - Estate planning for parents by Pamela Maass Garrett - book promotion companies

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What happens to my kids when I die? Do I need a will or a trust? How do I get started?

Let’s face it, estate planning is complicated and confusing. And talking about your death is uncomfortable...

It’s no wonder estate planning is one of those things parents put off until it’s too late – even though the consequences are often devastating. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Remember the story of Cinderella, the orphan mistreated by her evil stepmother and stepsisters? Consider an alternative ending. A legally "Happily Ever After," that starts with an estate plan and ends with Cinderella keeping the house!

While the Cinderella story is fictional, the reality is that children all over the world suffer like Cinderella because their parents don't have access to the legal tools in this book, and they fail to put into place an estate plan.

With this book, your kids won’t need a magical fairy godmother or a prince to save the day. You will understand:

    •    What legal documents you need and why you need them (in terms that you can understand)
    •    Actionable steps you can follow to secure your children's future
    •    How to find the best possible attorney for your needs
    •    How to safeguard your wealth
    •    How to put a flag in the ground for your legacy
This book will help you protect your children’s future and happiness.