As Weird as it Seems by Jordan Sanders

As Weird as it Seems by Jordan Sanders - self-published book marketing service

Imagine walking under a ladder and facing death by hanging, crossing paths with a black cat causing you misfortune, actually breaking your mother’s back by stepping on a crack or having to knock wood for good fortune.  Regardless if you’re a stanch believer or a causal participant the ominous significance of superstition rules our lives because somehow these things appear to affect us. Perhaps there’s some great cosmic force working behind the scenes, a single omnipotent being controlling the ebb and flow of fortune. Perhaps understanding such a being would provide the ultimate advantage to improving our lives. On the other hand, an encounter with such a being might be what our nightmares have warned us to avoid at all cost.

As Weird as it Seems takes a vertically challenged college student and transports him into a quantum reality ruled by superstitions. In this world he gains the education he never wanted in a town that appears idyllic until you peel back the layers. Our hero must overcome monsters within monster and use his wits to navigate his way out of this wacky asylum of misfits.

Follow our hero’s travails of love, treachery, terror, gore and lust in this twisting paranormal horror. It will be an experience not soon forgotten.