Hidden Behind the Robe: A Courthouse Thriller by Matt Graham

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Hidden Behind the Robe is a tapestry of stranger-than-fiction scenes observed over Matt Graham’s forty-three year career in the criminal justice system. The story traverses the unexplored and overlooked inner workings of the raunchy, salacious, often hilarious, behind the scenes happenings of Los Angeles justice while taking you on a tour of equally unexplored corners of the City of Los Angeles. Combining issues of privilege, race, and sexual misconduct, Hidden Behind the Robe provides a raw, behind the scenes perspective and insight into the legal system that could only have been written by a Judge who has seen it all.

Judge Charles Dunning is the reluctant manager of the Van Nuys courthouse - a building teeming with conspiring judges, oddballs, gossipers, and misfits. When Dunning receives an anonymous allegation of sexual misconduct against Judge William Davis Hyde, his investigation reveals there is more intrigue hiding behind the robe than he could have imagined.

As Judge Hyde learns of Dunning’s investigation, Hyde counter-punches by revealing a decades-old ruling where Dunning dismissed accusations of racism. Dunning thought he made the right call at the time...now he's not so sure. As the pressure mounts, Hyde stokes the controversy over Dunning’s ruling that snowballs into a national debate that puts Judge Dunning, his career, and his family in jeopardy.