The Lost Gospel of Barabbas by Kevin L. Brooks

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As we enter the Easter season of the year, learn more about the Greatest Story ever told...  In this Historical Fiction, you will meet one of the most notorious men in the Bible, the Insurrectionist known as Barabbas.  

A historical fiction with a supernatural twist.  This is a gripping and epic saga filled with historical details that make this book series both imaginative and realistic.  The tale follows young Barabbas from his formative years, through adulthood and his ultimate destiny at the trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate.  The reader follows Barabbas' life which is filled with adventure, love, and heartache.  The protagonist is gifted with a supernatural ability that he has yet to harness, all taking place under the oppressive thumb of the Roman empire.  

Rome is at the height of its power and cruelty. Insurrection is punishable by death. While the Jews hope for their long-awaited messiah, a zealot hides in the belly of a ship, his hand forced in a rash and devastating event. He is hunted by Roman forces. He is plagued by supernatural hordes. Over land and sea, Barabbas will face his demons and journey towards an unimaginable destiny.

The Lost Gospel of Barabbas not only reveals a detailed history of ancient Israel and Jewish customs, but undertakes a sweeping exploration of the criminal – from childhood to manhood – that history has told so little about, along with the times he lived in. With grit and humanity, Kevin Brooks asks the "what if's" and takes the reader on a very plausible road leading Barabbas from childhood tragedy to revenge to redemption.

The Lost Gospel of Barabbas is intriguing Christian fiction.