Diary of the Confederates' Physician: Samantha's Legacy by Alison Blasdell

Diary of the Confederates' Physician: Samantha's Legacy by Alison Blasdell - book promotion companies

When her life is threatened, who can she trust? The man who betrayed her or a mysterious legacy left by her grandmother 150 years ago?

Samantha left a diary recounting her life during and after the Civil War, culminating with her death near the end of the century. Now, Augusta, her sixth-generation-granddaughter, faces danger in the land of Samantha’s childhood.

Augusta Winters-Hunt is accustomed to intimidation and threats. As an equine humane investigator, it goes with the territory. When she is sent to the Dakotas to investigate the treatment of the wild Mustangs, the threats begin almost immediately upon her arrival. This time, however, it’s different. The opposing counsel for the group is Daniel Many Horses, the man who devastatingly changed her life years ago. When her life is threatened, she must decide who to trust—Daniel, the man who betrayed her, or the mysterious Lakota Spirits that her sixth-generation-grandmother, Samantha, wrote about in her diary.

As Augusta reads the diary detailing Samantha’s life, she feels a deep kinship with her grandmother, who lived over 150 years ago. She is both horrified by the brutality Samantha endured and inspired by Samantha’s strength and courage, not realizing Samantha left more than a diary. Samantha left a legacy—a powerful legacy waiting to be claimed.