Discovering BTS: An Unexpected Journey by Marion Chard

Discovering BTS: An Unexpected Journey by Marion Chard - book promotion companies

I first admitted my adoration for BTS in my blog dated August 2019, Honesty is the Best Policy – I love BTS. That’s when I fell down the rabbit hole, never to be retrieved again. And later, when a good friend suggested that I write a book about the South Korean K-Pop group, I ran with her idea.

The book centers on my personal journey and explains how a) I went from mild intrigue. To b) attempting to learn their names and being able to identify them with various colors of hair. To c) being able to tell who was rapping/singing each part. To d) making long-lasting friends worldwide, studying the Korean language, and expanding my musical horizons. I discuss how seven talented and outstanding human beings influenced and changed my life forever, not only via their music, but through their positive attitudes about life.  The full-color, 267-page paperback, also features over sixty stories submitted by ARMY (their fanbase). They (ages teen to seventy-five) share how the group “found them” just when they needed them the most.  

So, what’s up with the title? It simply means that while we may start down one path in life, our journey often takes us stumbling upon roads with numerous unopened doors and unexpected adventures. That sure was the case for me with BTS.