Lumera Expedition: Survive - thrilling sci-fi by Jona Sheffield

Lumera Expedition: Survive - thrilling sci fi by Jona Sheffield

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The world is on the brink of destruction. In 2042, there is only one season left: summer. Refugee floods of unimagined proportions lead to collapse. Food has become increasingly scarce, diseases are spreading. Mankind must evolve in order to survive.

New technologies seem to offer solutions - in the physical optimization of humans, but also in the colonization of an alien planet: Lumera. Only if both paths are followed consistently there may be hope for survival.

But at what price? What awaits us on Lumera? What dangers will we have to overcome? And is mankind's greatest enemy itself?

Lumera Expedition: Survive, the start of a thrilling, fascinating, and moving science fiction thriller series about the desperate struggle for survival and the legacy of mankind has already inspired hundreds of thousands of readers and has been a best-seller for months in Germany.

Jona Sheffield, the #1 female indie author for science fiction in Germany, uses the technologies and climate problems of our present to envision two fascinating glimpses of the future at once, linked by suspense, pace and depth.