Circle of Ash (The Solace Cycle Book 1) by Sterling Magleby

Circle of Ash (The Solace Cycle Book 1) by Sterling Magleby - book promotion sites

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $5.95) 6/17/2022 - 6/19/2022!

"...masterful worldbuilding, a rich tapestry of character-centric threads, and nonstop action and adventure make this a must-read for those who enjoy shelf-bending and genre-blending storylines.
An absolute grand-slam first installment of an SF/fantasy series."
— Kirkus Reviews

By the churning banks of the Ashlit Mire and the crumbled black of a sprawling ruin, the town of Kualabu stands an uneasy watch. As the daughter of one of its most prominent families, Dayang Marchadesch trains to face the dangers of the world beyond the walls while contending with the realities of growing up behind them.

Down the southern stretch of the Caustlands there runs a river, and on an island that splits the water's flow there sits a monastery, centuries old: the Presilyo, training ground for certain followers of the Triune Path, raised almost from birth in its service. It is not an easy place to come of age, but Sanyago and his brother Laris will have to find their way through and face the dangers of the life set out for them.

Out in the furthest reaches of Earthmarch, Juliaen Draecsl works alongside her family, helping to push the boundaries of her Nation further out into the quartzwood wilds, dreaming of duty and deeper purpose. Lives often collide in unpredictable ways...

This is the second edition of the novel, revised March 2022 with about 10,000 words of new content.