Killing Karma by Michael Poeltl

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The veteran - The detective – The therapist – The young executive - The serial killer - The karma

Across Detroit and outlying areas, a string of murders and an abduction sharing the same calling card bring the players together in the most serendipitous way. The homicides share no commonality, save the ambiguous note left at each scene, while the abduction strikes Harlow as uncharacteristic for his serial killer.

Peter, a VET, moved to Detroit to escape his past, start a new life managing an obscure bookstore, and pursue treatment for his PTSD. Theresa, a regression therapist with a complicated history of her own, accepts Peter as her client, wondering if karma hasn’t just paid her a visit.

When Peter’s new girlfriend disappears and the serial killer’s note is discovered in her penthouse, unexpected twists complicate Harlow’s investigation. Meanwhile, Theresa struggles to understand what Peter’s past lives are trying to tell him.

Harlow will have to overcome his feelings of inferiority over past mistakes. He must use every tool available to him paired with his vast experience to connect the dots to these seemingly random, yet premeditated murders. Will Harlow be able to piece together the scant evidence before the abducted woman becomes his killers’ third victim?

Get caught up in a surreal mystery as Killing Karma takes you on a unique and unforgettable thrill ride into the world of past lives, homicides, and the price karma commands of everyone.