End Game - a disturbing apocalyptic nightmare by William Bahl

End Game  - a disturbing apocalyptic nightmare by William Bahl

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The mutant apocalypse begins. Survivors fight over the last remnants of civilization, reluctantly battling terrifying monstrosities and each other in a chaotic world offering consequences far worse than death.

Delve into the disturbing reality of fated survivors struggling to overcome impossible odds. Luke seeking a remedy for his creeping illness. Roger searching for a lost friend and mysterious woman. Together, they will face new horrors.

Each man holds something the other desires. Can Luke, Roger, and their small group overcome fear and mistrust to push back a rising tide of destruction? Treacherous mutants, violent outlaws, and brutal cannibals threaten their communities.

Contending interests look to thwart each other's goals, leaving Luke and Roger fighting external threats and those from within.

Time will run out if they cannot prevent a fate worse than the collapse of civilization. It may already be too late.