Inspiring Faith Quotes for your Daily Walk by Gregory Anson

Inspiring Faith Quotes for your Daily Walk by Gregory Anson

This encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting book of quotes is created to encourage you in your daily walk of faith with the Lord.

After each quotes in this book, there is an activity section, which allows you to participate and share your experience in a journal and with others who need to be encouraged.

On our daily journey, we all need to be encourage with hope along the way. When we are going through the challenges of life, there are moments when things can just seem impossible to make it through; however, in those difficult situation when things are just so difficult for us to understand, there is a greater hope in God to help us to get the victory.

In the midst of every challenges and obstacles, you can make it through when you choose to walk by faith. On this journey, things can be tough at times, however, in our toughest moments, God is our greatest strength and all things are possible for him.

Every struggles that we goes through in life is helping to build our faith stronger and we learn from each experiences. Each step we take allows us to have the courage to keep going on with optimism for great things.

God encourages our faith in him when we choose to have trust him to lead the way.
We are valuable to God and he want the best for us. Sometimes we may not understand, however, in those moments when we don’t know how we are going to make it through, God will lead us to his divine purpose and plans for our lives.
In the midst of any difficult challenges that comes, always choose to pray and have faith in God to bring an answer and solution to every situation that concerns you.
Everything in life goes through a process that requires us to wait for the desired outcome. During those times when you are praying for the difficult situations to change, you got to wait on the Lord and trust his timing.  We may not know the steps we should take, however we should pray and let God leads the way, because he knows what’s best for us and at the right time, he will work things out for our good.