Dirty Bomb : In the name of God by Colin Knight

Dirty Bomb : In the name of God book by Colin Knight

When you think of a terrorist, what image do you create?

When you think about global conspiracies to plunge the world in to chaos, who do you think about?

When you think about an American Hero, what would he or she have done?

When you think about the power of global social media platforms and the instant judgement and actions that follow, do you ever imagine what might be done with this power?

If you want your preconceptions challenged, and are prepared to look in to the apocalypse of what might be if intelligent, wealthy, delusional people decide that they can save the world, Dirty Bomb is a story for you.

Two recent reader reviews on Goodreads provide some insight:

‘Fast paced and full of action…. .The topics covered in this book are real, relevant and current'.

'This book really disturbed me: I could see something like this really happening in today’s society. There were plenty of plot twists to keep it very interesting’.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Thank you
Colin Knight