Welcome to the Madhouse (Maids of Maddington Book 1) - award-winning historical fiction by Valerie Anne Hudson

Welcome to the Madhouse (Maids of Maddington Book 1) - award-winning historical fiction book by Valerie Anne Hudson

London, 1895. A pretty housemaid falls in love with a heartless upper-class young gentleman, starting a chain of events that leading to a scandal and a trial that will be closely watched by the entire country.

Everyone loves Annie, a housemaid at Maddington House. She’s pretty, vivacious, fun to be around, and incredibly kind. And when the only son of the house, Edward Montague, declares his love for her, she can’t believe such happiness can exist for a mere housemaid.

But when she gets pregnant, Edward wants nothing to do with it, and coldly tells her to get rid of it.

Unable to follow such a cruel order, Annie hides her pregnancy from the rest of the household and gives birth in secret. However, the danger is far from over: she could lose her job, and never be able to find another, for getting pregnant out of wedlock – and now she must find someone to secretly take care of her baby, too.

And Edward has a new plan, and will tolerate no interference. But will Annie follow the advice of her dear and observant friend, the under housemaid Eliza, or will she follow her heart’s desire and end up in mortal danger?

The first in the Maids of Maddington series, Welcome to the Madhouse will throw you straight into the harsh realities of Victorian London: homelessness, the gap between the rich and the poor, violence on the streets, prison, the workhouse… and Jack the Ripper. And yet, you’ll also find friendship, and hope, and love.