Secrets: Deceit Shall Set You Free by Jason Bruce

Secrets: Deceit Shall Set You Free book promotion by Jason Bruce

A young man comes from nothing and chases the American dream. He played by the rules designed for the masses only to become dejected at the dismay of life. Dismay of the struggle. Dismay of being locked out of the world of success. The young man will soon  straddle a world of career, crime, and sexual depravity. A world constructed by himself for himself; his family. Chuck Timmons has a job, a lovely wife, and a son but he needs more. He craves more. He desires women, many women, but only if they truly need his touch, his love. History, knowledge, and vices become the tools of his trade and he will exploit anyone to achieve his dreams. How long will Chuck deceive his beloved wife? Kate despises Chuck but is now desperate and in need of the help of her best friend Chloe, Chuck's gorgeous wife. Kate does not know what she is in for. She is not prepared for her immediate future. Or is she? Lives will be touched and exposed. Born from the past and present will be the key to the future. There can be nothing more open, more honest, than Secrets!