Who They Are: And What They're Up To by Leslie Shaw

Who They Are: And What They're Up - Answering Questions to Your Favorite Mysteries amazon book marketing by Leslie Shaw and Stephen Shaw

At least 10,000 UFO sightings are reported each year.

Why are they visiting us so often?

Utilizing decades of research and study in ancient history, ufology, human evolution and even Tibetan Buddhism, Leslie and Stephen Shaw have woven together a fact-driven, eye-opening and intriguing account of mankind’s true history and attempt to answer all of the most important questions about UFOs.

Common curiosities tackled include:

Who is flying them

Where are they hiding

Where do they come from

What do they want

Why are they abducting people

Why are they slaughtering livestock

Why do they have a human/hybrid breeding program

Connected to their research, the authors also delve into mysteries such as:

Did giants really exist? Did the Great Flood really happen? Were the Anunnaki involved in our evolution?

And why does the human race have no concrete evidence about our origins?

Who They Are is an unwaveringly compelling collection of all things otherworldly and paranormal that’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and engage your continued search for the truth!

It’s time to shine some light on mankind’s true history, both past and present.