Irrelevants An Uneasy Peace, book 2 by Geoffrey Robinson

Irrelevants An Uneasy Peace, book 2 book promotion by Geoffrey Robinson

As the leadership of the three spheres, with the support of their populations, begin to subdue the insurgency, Celta and Tilt continue their search for bad actors across Earth Agency controlled space. The most dangerous of their targets, with his daunting skills at prosecuting war, is a misguided Ventian warrior who has been convinced his contribution to the insurgency is an honorable pursuit. His physical attack on her partner has made his termination an obsession for Celta; to the point she’s been relieved of her assignment by the Ventian Lord of War. Now the Ventian Warrior has gone to ground, and it will take all the detectives’ skills, and more, to track him down and end his imminent threat to the spheres.