Queen of Swords - a Tales from the Tarot novel by Christine Cazaly

Queen of Swords - a Tales from the Tarot novel book promotion by Christine Cazaly

Queen of Swords is a Tales from the Tarot novel.

Whilst tarot is often used as a plot device, Tales from the Tarot is the first standalone fantasy series that puts the sixteen Court cards front and centre as active individuals in their own world, with their own faults and failings.

As a tarot reader and author, I imagine the tarot as a medieval world called Altius Mysterium, full of brawling colour and rambunctious individuals from peasants to merchants, fishermen and kings and all stripes in between, served up with a splash of magic, romance and adventure!

Tarot themes and imagery are part of the plot and world building of each book - and the problems and character arcs experienced by my heroes and heroines remain true to their traditional card meanings. Despite this, no knowledge of tarot is required to enjoy the stories. They are firmly fixed in the adult fantasy genre - although due to the age of some of the MCs, the categories include coming of age, romance, mystery and action/adventure.

In Queen of Swords, Petronella of the Falcons, Queen of Epera has failed in her required task- to provide an heir to her dying kingdom of Epera.  When she learns the price of failure is her head, she’s forced into a desperate escape to the land of their recently declared enemy, the neighbouring Kingdom of magical Oceanis, where help apparently awaits. The journey to Oceanis challenges  bookish and guilt-ridden Petronella on many levels, as she leaves her privileged world behind and she begins to discover all is not as she believed. As the two kingdoms clash, Petronella uncovers the edges of an old and deadly secret, and reveals a patient, vengeful enemy who wants nothing more than to bring Epera down. Can Petronella find the strength to face her past, to ensure her country’s future?