Satan's Glove, a supernatural thriller by Cousin Vinny Agnello

Satan's Glove, a supernatural thriller book promotion site Cousin Vinny Agnello

“Apt characterization boosts this enlightening sports tale about the allure and perils of fame.” - Kirkus Reviews

In 1991 Eddie Romano, an undersized, unconfident kid, finds an antique baseball glove while treasure hunting in the ruins of Comiskey Park in Chicago.

Instantly that glove becomes his obsession.

In a dream state he's transported to a dreary, decrepit ballpark where he learns the game of baseball from a mysterious and skillful young ballplayer who seems to be under the control of a dark and sinister figure who calls himself The Manager.

Miraculously, Eddie is transformed, but his skills as a ball player only improve as he continues to shut himself off from the rest of the world.

While his attitude grows increasingly caustic, and teammates keep their distance, Eddie starts receiving phone calls from legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, who attempt to steer him toward redemption.

Unbeknownst to Eddie, two otherworldly factions are waging a war for his soul.

What will be the ultimate price of glory?