The Safe Game - a gangland crime adventure by Wes Verde

The Safe Game - a gangland crime adventure book promotion site Wes Verde

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Set in late 1920’s New Jersey, The Safe Game follows several characters against the backdrop of a lake resort town. This includes the Cons, a trio of criminals who specialize in confidence games and trickery rather than violence. Roy, Victoria, and Urbane expect a huge payday in their latest mark, and follow him to a quiet, but upscale town in New Jersey. In doing so, they bump into Willie – a rookie police officer coping with a new and unfamiliar department and woefully unprepared when confronted with a tragic death on his watch. And finally there is Emma, a young woman desperate to break out of the path set before her and forge her own way.

The book is written in the form of point of view chapters that alternate between each of the three Cons, the cop, and Emma. Generally, the tone is that of a lighthearted adventure with bantering dialogue and character moments. However, it is tempered by a number of darker scenes that drive the action.

The Cons made a living by separating fools from their money and they thought they found a big score. But it’s anyone’s guess whether this particular game will end in luxury, a jail cell, or an early grave.