Black Chalk: A Portia Black Thriller by Pascoal Antonio

Black Chalk: A Portia Black Thriller book promotion by Pascoal Antonio

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When Portia Black, professional vigilante, returns to the east coast to investigate the disappearance of an undercover NYPD officer, it seems like the long-cold trail is a never-ending loop of u-turns and dead ends.

What’s worse, depending on who you ask, Isabella Parker is long dead. Or very much alive. Her father, Elroy, is convinced that she was murdered by Klaus Von Hollen, eighties club czar and furry maven, who is soon to be released from prison with a brain tumor. But Klaus has a very different story, one of police corruption, patriarchy, and a young woman he had once helped escape all those years ago.

But can Portia really take Klaus Von Hollen, once dubbed New York’s sick-xiest man, at his word? With Klaus’s impending operation threatening to destroy his memory, will Portia do the unthinkable and help him escape in order to uncover the truth? And, in successfully rescuing Isabella, will Portia finally find the courage to stand up to her own abusive past?