The Shifting Current: riveting romantic suspense by Dani Pettrey

The Shifting Current: riveting romantic suspense book promotion by Dani Pettrey

Coast Guard Investigative Service agents Logan Perry and Emmalyne Thorton head leave their Wilmington, North Carolina station base and head to Logan's hometown of Cauldron Creek, New Mexico to investigate a murder that hits far too close to home.

The two of them alone in the rugged but stunning wilderness of western New Mexico? Definitely not a good idea—not when Logan loves her, but carries a secret he knows will tear them apart.

Emmy’s there as his teammate and friend, but something deep inside of her hopes their time together will finally bring their feelings to the surface. The Land of Enchantment is beautiful and mesmerizing from Logan’s family ranch, but the pain present makes her heart ache for him and the loss of his beloved grandpa.

What looks like a robbery-gone-wrong rapidly shifts, drawing Emmy and Logan into a dizzying maze where nothing is as it appears. Every lead slips through their fingers as threats against them grow deadlier at each turn. Tracking their suspect, if there is only one, takes them across the state. Days blur into night and still the pursuit continues.

Having only each other to rely on, their love deepens, but will they live long enough to admit their attraction to one another?

Barely escaping an attack on their lives, Logan knows he can't hold back any longer. He has to tell Em the truth of what he did in his past before he tells her he loves her. She deserves that much.

Em could never have anticipated the truth Logan shares, but there's barely time to react when the killer closes in. They're in his sights. One wrong move and they’re dead.