Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues - An epic fantasy by author Dewey B. Reynolds

Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues - An epic fantasy book promotion by author Dewey B. Reynolds

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Ever been bullied? How about badly mistreated? Meet Stuart Duffelmeyer. He knows what it feels like to be treated like trash. Brilliant, quiet, nerdy, and kind-spirited best describe him. He is an NYU student whose classmates target him for total humiliation. Fooling with him was their ultimate mistake. Stuart suffered severely as a result of their malicious behavior. Naturally, he is hell bent on getting even with his tormentors.

His NYU classmates make up a group known as the egomaniacal eight. They are Anthony Greenstein, Meagan Piccirillo, Dana Potts, Prudence Cundy, David Nguyen, Taylor Warrwick, Abdullah Tariq Muhammad and John O’Connor. Anthony is the wealthy leader of the group, someone who wears his arrogance on his sleeve as a testament to his privileged background. He masterminds the entire prank against Stuart. The prank involves a mechanical doll in which the voice and controls are provided by other members of the egomaniacal eight. The vicious antic takes place in one of the worst motels in the South Bronx, New York. Poor Stuart thought he’d finally break his virginity.

While lying distraught on the motel floor, Stuart warns his eight college classmates by yelling to them, “All of you are going to experience the worst type of pain in your backsides.”

Stuart and the eight pranksters all graduate from NYU with their degrees. He returns home the same day of graduation—only to listen to voicemails from Anthony Greenstein—while the others snicker in the background. The voicemail consists of one insulting comment after another. But that’s quite okay. Revenge for him will be sweeter than he’d ever imagine. A chance encounter allows Stuart to discover a magical Jewish talisman in his attic with indescribable powers. During his years of visiting the synagogue, he remembers being told that the holy piece will be of value to him and others someday.

Stuart is thrust into the regions of a faraway galaxy once the talisman is consecrated. Mystical powers from Universally dynamic forces will become his mainstay. The spirit of his one-time advisor, Rabbi Irwin Wedemeyer, explains to him that the talisman will grant him miraculous powers over all the creatures and natural forces of planet Earth. Rabbi Wedemeyer cautions Stuart not to abuse the powers bestowed upon him. He returns to Earth and quickly exercises his powers.

A select number of rats, snakes, bats, bees, ants and sharks, as well as a tornado and hurricane, are all given their own supernatural powers. Stuart assigns to them Hebrew names with various divine rankings. They will develop human-like qualities over time. The leaders of the legions of the creatures and natural forces will be classified by Stuart as The Council of the Electrifying Eight. They include the likes of General Rahmaanteen (the rat), Queen Devorah (the queen killer bee), Queen Amina (the queen fire ant), Commodore Mowab (the great white shark), Captain Zamir (the brown bat), King Saraph (the Western diamondback rattlesnake), Major Joezer (the tornado), and Colonel Boaz (the hurricane).

Stuart plays it smart. He waits five years until he finally decides to make any major moves. Members of the egomaniacal eight settle into different cities around the United States, with some of them having gotten married with children. Knowing that his former college classmates have serious phobias of certain animals, insects, and natural forces, this affords Stuart the golden opportunity to teach them a valuable lesson. Anthony, Meagan, Dana, Prudence, David, Taylor, Abdullah and John, all respectively have their own deep-rooted fears of rats, ants, bees, bats, tornadoes, sharks, snakes, and hurricanes. These are the exact same creatures and natural forces that Stuart have endowed with their individually extraordinary powers.

Stuart orders these same creatures and natural forces that he controls to wreak pure havoc in their lives. Strange, yet supernaturally, unexplained occurrences will bring them to the brink of utter despair. One of his first targets is Anthony Greenstein himself. He has created his own empire known as Anthony Greenstein Enterprises (A.G.E.), a company which boasts telecommunications operations around the globe. Stuart decides to let Anthony get relaxed inside his office during late evening hours.

That’s when General Rahamaanteen—the colossal rat that stands over six foot tall, with a powerful and muscularly human build—and his legion of other giant rats—are called upon to teach Anthony the lesson of a lifetime. General Rahmaanteen strikes Anthony several times across the backside with his thick, bullwhip-like rodent’s tail. The lashings swell his backside to twice its normal size. Attacks from the same creatures and natural forces, in which they have dreaded fears of, begin happening to the other seven members of the group that Anthony once led. No matter the location of their domicile, they can run, but they certainly can’t hide.

Telepathic messages are sent to the creatures and natural forces by Stuart, ordering them to also stop the downtrodden from being taken advantage of. The only way for Stuart’s former classmates to reverse their misfortunes is to find him and confess to their harsh misdeeds against him. Anyone who decides to cross Stuart Duffelmeyer will soon discover the true consequences of revenge. Readers will definitely cheer for this underdog who is a very relatable character.