Ending Up Creative: My Search for Renewal Through the Arts by J. William Thompson

Ending Up Creative: My Search for Renewal Through the Arts book promotion by J. William Thompson

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At any great crossroads in our lives—the end of a career, the collapse of a relationship, the failure of a dream—we look for sources of renewal.

When his beloved career as a magazine editor comes to an unexpected end, Bill Thompson goes looking for a source of renewal to fill the emptiness left by the loss of his career. He finally glimpses a “now or never” opportunity to dive headlong into his deferred passion for the creative arts.

He can now throw himself into daytime art classes and learn to draw the human figure from direct observation. He has always wanted to learn to sing with others, and he now takes up the mandolin and ventures into the world of fast-paced bluegrass music.

Finally, he decides to write a book and finds his topic in an isolated Pennsylvania village. There, he discovers how its salt-of-the-earth people endured the crash of a hijacked airliner on 9/11 and went on to help create a national memorial.  
As his artistic quest stretches from year to year, Bill must surmount the hurdles of any older adult who aspires to create something really fine in the creative arts. Ultimately, will Bill find the artistic fulfillment he craves--or will he discover a different source of renewal that was entirely unexpected?