Keeping Pepper: an emotionally charged literary novel by Scott Brody

Keeping Pepper: an emotionally charged literary novel book promotion by Scott Brody

Beneath the weight of four long years in confinement, a story of liberation unfolds, igniting a whirlwind of love, fear, and even hope.
Ed and Stacey's departure from San Clemente at daybreak would prove to be much more than the start of a simple road trip.
The motorhome's tires kissed the asphalt of Orange County goodbye as they navigated towards the sprawling, glittery embrace of Vegas, and their friend Pepper.
That night, amidst the clinking of chips and shuffling of cards, Ed's fingers clasp a $10 Blackjack chip, his thoughts swirling like the gin and tonic in his glass. His mind dances between the past and reconnecting with Pepper, a symphony of melancholy notes for the years gone by.
Their visit with Pepper the next day was supposed to be short. But his dementia had gotten much worse since being admitted, and Ed didn’t have the heart to leave him behind.
So Ed, Stacey, and Pepper embark on the next leg of their road trip together, to visit more old friends in Clear Lake.
At the reunion Pepper meets Sandy Martin, and sparks fly almost instantly, putting into motion a very different life than the hospital was prepared to offer him.
Because facing the unknown together is better than being alone.