The Nourish Me Kitchen: Essential Health Wisdom and Wholesome Everyday Recipes by Dr. Erika Siegel

The Nourish Me Kitchen: Essential Health Wisdom and Wholesome Everyday Recipes book promotion by Dr. Erika Siegel

Upgrade your health and well-being with this easy, two-volume guide to cooking, eating, moving, resting, and living vibrantly—every day.
We must forget the quick fixes and gimmicks.

It’s time to embrace functional medicine, truly thoughtful self-care, and whole-food nutrition.

It’s time to explore The Nourish Me Kitchen by naturopathic physician Dr. Erika Siegel.
Volume 1: Essential Health Wisdom

Opening this book invites a naturopathic physician into your kitchen. In this first-of-its-kind functional medicine reference book, Dr. Siegel shares her practical knowledge and time-tested expertise—backed by peer-reviewed research—empowering you to support and heal yourself with food, medicine, home remedies, and simple self care. Discover the foundations of your personal wellness and illuminate the mysteries of how your body works through this integrative, East-meets-West field guide for living vibrantly and aging gracefully.

Volume 2: Wholesome Everyday Recipes

300 flexible and family-friendly recipes to live by, developed in our kitchen with love. Preparing food that tastes good and feels good in your body need not be a struggle. In fact, simple, wholesome foods are often the easiest to make. Wholesome Everyday Recipes from the Nourish Me Kitchen is a well-organized and thorough cookbook that focuses on ease of preparation, deliciousness (passing the Picky Children Test!), nutrient-density, ease of modification for special diets, and ideal food sources. It may be the last cookbook you’ll ever need to buy!
But most importantly, The Nourish Me Kitchen is designed to be accessible.

If we’re being honest, most “lifestyle plans” drop the ball once they suck you in with flashy marketing or shocking before and after photos.
In contrast, The Nourish Me Kitchen is well-organized, comprehensive, and written in a non-judgmental, compassionate voice that focuses on guiding individuals (and entire families!) on a more positive path toward sustainable wellness.

See you in the kitchen!