Sophie and the Little Robot - The story about unusual friendship for kids by Margo D Emerald

Sophie and the Little Robot - The story about unusual friendship for kids book promotion by Margo D Emerald

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Sophie is a curious girl who loves exploring the busy streets of her bustling city home. One day she meets JUL-23, a small lonely robot who needs a friend. Despite their differences, Sophia and JUL-23 develop a touching friendship and go on adventures together. The story takes an interesting turn when...

They discover that by combining Sophia's creativity and JUL-23's tools, they can find solutions together that neither could alone.

• Story teaches that differences can be strengths, and everyone has something to offer.
• Friends can achieve great things when they communicate, collaborate, and think creatively.
• Ideal for babysitters, kindergarten and preschool teachers, and childminders to read aloud and discuss themes of friendship, creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork with kids
• Exposure to stories about robots reduces fear and builds comfort with technology. Children who will eventually interact with AI assistants and robots from a young age will view them as normal parts of life rather than something unfamiliar or threatening. This helps them develop a healthier relationship with technology which is new and inevitable for everyone.

Encouraging children to remain positive and look at life's events creatively helps them to navigate through the challenges when they arrive. This book very gently introduces the Law of attraction teaching.