The Changeling - a book by Roz Subote

The Changeling book promotion by Roz Subote
The Changeling follows Cetlali Wisterkin, a ward of the Wisteryala in the Empire of Pagegonia, as she grows into her role as the steward of the second most powerful man in the entire realm. As she journeys to the citadel she is thrust into the epicenter of sociopolitical intrigue where she is expected to adapt and succeed. Though she’s always struggled to fit in and follow orders, she’s slowly molded herself into a respectable adult with a bright future ahead. However, Cetlali comes to realize what she wants and what others want for her are now at odds and she has to decide if she wants to keep living in a world that revolves around pleasing other people, or if she wants to find her spine and finally live her life for herself.